Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Thank You 2012

Time to catch up on a lot of things ....

Have not wished my dearest friends a Happy New Year and yet to go through the list of pending work .....

And most importantly yet to say thanks to the year gone by

So here's to 2012 ....

Thank you for being the toughest and most trying year of my life. Thank you for giving me so much and making me strong.

For every challenge that you brought my way, you brought a new friend, a new perspective and a new paradigm to assess life's situations. Life is ever more beautiful now.

For every disappointment and failure that you brought my way, you gave me a lesson and step by step, made me stronger to stand back up and made me resilient. Failure is a friend I have made in this year for what it has given me, no amount of success could ever do.

Thank you for the months that just flew by and thank you also for the days that just would not pass. For in between the two I realised everything is transitory. There is nothing that will last forever and there is nothing that would not pass.

Thank you for often breaking my blind trust in people. For I have a stronger and better relationship with myself.

Thank you for the discontent and fights with friends and family. Surviving each other has added to the security in the permanence of some relationships.

And most importantly, thank you for making this realisation dawn on me, the way it should, that it takes hard work and commitment and not giving up for years to become an overnight success.....

Thank you Thank you Thank you ....

I will always look back and fondly remember you.

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