Saturday, 16 June 2012


This one comes straight out of 'The Rock of Ages' that I saw yesterday night. I must admit that 'musicals' have a way with my heart. They do transport me somewhere, watching them is magical for me. That's why, may be, I love Bollywood so much for I feel that the songs speak directly to the soul. The rhythm in which they are sung and in the sweet accompaniment of the sounds of melodious instruments, you find meanings that rhyme with your experiences. Plain magical!

Well Here I go!

The obstacles and crisis are meant to break the comfort zone you settle into. That one storm that comes and shakes your world, BOW DOWN AND THANK IT, for it made you realize you are made for stronger things. That whirlwind that took away the roof from your head and that flood that savaged the earth you called home, THANK THEM. For they came to tell you , its time you built stronger foundations and built a security net that can withstand these winds. All this pushes you to either new lands and discoveries or shakes you up to get out of the stillness of routine you have settled in.

When you made the leap into human life, the promise and the desire was to experience every moment of joy and sorrow alike. The whole expectation was to live it up and to feel and do as much as possible. It is the contrast of love and hate, of pain and pleasure and of hopes and manifested dreams that makes this journey worthwhile. Otherwise, you are a bundle of joy in non physical form and that can be the best place to stay rather then undertaking this human journey. 

So why are you settling for any less? Why this rut of routine is killing it all? Dreaming is fine, thoughts and beautiful castle that you build on the rainbows of desires are all great, but you need to go out and build them. 

The catastrophes and disasters of life are the messages and alarms you have set for yourself in ethers to remind you the real purpose whenever you start to forget to live. There is pain, there is disease and there is misery but then there is hope, there is love , there is sunshine. Flowers do bloom and rains do make you feel romantic… Mountains sing with joy and trees dance in abundance. Life is indeed beautiful. And trust me, this life without pain will not be worthy of our manifestation.

Live it CHIN UP my friend. THAT, what makes you feel that you are unwanted, THAT, what comes to shake your beliefs, THAT, what comes to take away all you have counted on, be grateful to THAT. Do not despise THAT circumstance. Treat THAT as your own calling to remind you that you are getting lazy, that you are not  experiencing all you had to and that its time to gather your act again.

Remember, it's your dream. None can fathom the joy it will bring  when manifested and none can understand what it means for you. For you, what might be worth putting your life at stake, may mean nothing to others. Till it happens. Till it's manifested. Be steadfast my friend. Toil the fields with same vigor, for the destiny cannot hold the rain clouds back forever. Even if it did, the power and magic of dreams and faith and belief will make water springs sprout even from the most barren of lands.

And remember that the bounties of life will not lie in the wealth you create, nor shall they lie in the lands conquered and souls enslaved. The Life only and only lives in hearts touched, lighting faces with smiles, making a difference and living it with heart and not compromising to anything that just lives up the rhythm of your soul. You never remember the pain, but only good times. And the good times are the times shared in love and faith. They are the times in which joy is experienced. 

And as the song in 'Rock of the Ages' go, "Don't stop believing, Hold on to that feeling"….. so shall you keep on moving and keep on dreaming …..

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