Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Welcome to my blog ..... My first one .... really need comments ...

Writing your first blog is a very difficult task but anyhow they say that ell begun is half done.

First of all an acknowledgement : I have been wanting to do this for ages, but thank to you Mrs Juhi Farmania, that I am finally blogging.

And since I am starting because I read your latest blog about Krishna, I am wondering shall I share my thoughts on faith or on Krishna or on friendship or just about the sheer joy that selfless Love and devotion brings to your life.

But then let the musings be random and let the first date with bloodspot be more informal where we should get to know each other, me and the blog-site, for they say you should know all the rules before you break some :-) And I intend to break a lot of them .

Conventions and rules, patterns and system, they will all be challenged here as I have been challenging them in my real life. And the purpose is not to rise and become some rebellious superstar , but to discover and to nurture the vagabond in me. The desire will never be to uproot traditions but to bring to life the real ones based on love and respect and the ones meant to promote peace and freedom and the ones that make life meaningful and joyful by inspiring to share and care and to flout the ones that judge, categorize, and bind the free spirit, that try to define it, cage it and control it and the ones that are just meant to be nothing more than power play guised in the form of age old follow-ups.

Does the above sound like a statement of purpose? Well may be its my SOP but I hope that it reflects in my blog, on my FB and twitter, in my thoughts and actions and on every front of life where i express myself.

[Ironically facebook and twitter found a mention above before my thoughts and actions …. ahhhh …. the age of social media :-p]

Well, welcome to my blog. The first one. A new journey. Hope it brings me closer to myself, wins me new friends and foes too. But overall I hope its spices up the journey and enriches everyone who comes across this little cyber-space in bytes and pieces:-)


  1. Very well written, felt even better. The taste of your words is honest like some seriously old french wine :)
    Cheers to many new beginnings this year...lots of love, Mrs. Juhi Rai farmania

  2. Short and sweet. Congratulations.
    Aap likhte jaao hum padhte jayenge.

    Aapke shubhchintak-
    Mr Farmania (naam to suna hi hoga :P)

  3. change the blog's name... its should be followed by Farmanias, fanactic fans and friends or ArFi :)

  4. Thank you Farmanias, you guys mean a lot :-)

  5. That's a great and heartfelt start and I look forward to reading sums up what I gleaned when we met in the American bar in the Savoy for half an hour last year... Good thoughts and I look forward to the next bit..

  6. Congratulations on beginning this today :) feels like a powerful day to begin (as today and now always is)... Your sharing is inspiring me into action... Thanks for the inspiration!

    Enjoyed your post, feels like your sharing from your heart and look forward witnessing you on this journey of exploration into yourself! :)

    Infinite love light peace and smiles,


  7. Welcome to blogging. you will surely enjoy it and the blog will help u discover yourself again and again... all the best my dear Arfie...

  8. Hey, I kept my promise! 3 times it took to view- it.

    Personally I' m BACK to (personal) blogging - even though I write the BRP+ VOICES blogs already+ twitter. I have some plans I didn' t mention when we chatted on SKYPE.

    Times are changing fast+ it leaves- us feeling a little bemused. Nowhere are things changing as quickly as they are in India+ lucky YOU, Arfi, to be there in this exciting era.

    When I started reading it was a bit like you' d swallowed Kim by Rudyard Kipling. Know- it? I think you' re just like the main character when you call yourself a vagabond. Romantic indeed.


  9. Well done on creating this. I will follow with interest. We all miss you here in London. Come back soon.